Fire Detection Methods

Automatic fire detection is an essential part of your fire alarm system. Choosing the correct fire detection methods for your requirements is essential to ensure swift detection of a fire, and prevention of false alarms.

Every system is unique and every company has unique requirements. At Blazequel, we are not affiliated to any single manufacturer or product range. This allows us to be flexible to ensure you get the solution you need – not the system we want to sell you!

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Ember Detectors are superb for protecting high-risk conveyors and processes.


Multisensor detectors enhance fire safety by combining multiple sensing technologies for accurate and reliable fire detection in homes, businesses, and industrial settings.


Manual call points are a simple, reliable and low-cost device, which allow you to manually activate and test your fire alarm system.


Smoke detectors are the ideal choice for the vast majority of applications. It’s swift to react, easy to maintain and cost-effective to install.


Heat detectors are a robust & reliable solution for a range of applications & are commonly used in areas where smoke detection may be prone to false alarms.


Beam smoke detection is a cost-effective alternative to point detection in large open spaces such as factories, warehouses museums and churches.


High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) systems are excellent for protecting high risk, high value environments where early detection is essential.

Flame Detection is perfect solution for detecting fast-flaming fires in high-risk areas, such as machinery spaces or waste recycling facilities.


Thermal Fire Detection is a perfect solution for applications such as waste storage areas, or indeed the bulk storage of any flammable material such as peat, coal and biomass.

video smoke detection system

Ensuring safety in high-risk and operations-critical zones is paramount, and a trustworthy fire detection system plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) is a reliable and robust form of heat detection, suitable for the harshest environments and a huge range of applications.


In many high-risk processes, a spark can be created with alarming ease. Spark detection can help prevent the risk of serious fire or dust explosion.

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