Video Smoke and Video Fire Detection

Ensuring safety in high-risk and operations-critical zones is paramount, and a trustworthy fire detection system plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

video smoke detection system

Enter Video Smoke Detection, a cutting-edge technology that relies on advanced algorithms to analyze video images captured by CCTV camera networks. This innovation enables the early detection of fire risks, pinpointing the moment smoke becomes visible. Compared to traditional fire detection systems, Video Smoke Detection can significantly reduce the time it takes to identify a potential fire, potentially saving crucial minutes, or even hours.

Especially beneficial in challenging environments like harsh processing facilities or large, well-ventilated structures with high roofs, video smoke detection enhances overall site safety.

All of these characteristics can undermine the effectiveness of your fire detection systems, delaying detection speed and giving the fire time to develop. Rising smoke can get blown away – or never even reach the roof due to stratification.

Flame Detection systems are often too slow. By the time they’ll activate, a fire is already burning, somewhere in your plant.

Video Smoke Detection is the answer. It’s reliable, detects smoke within seconds and gives you immediate visual verification of the detected risk.

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Video Smoke Detection is an ideal choice for many waste recycling applications, although every application should be assessed on its own merits. One size never fits all.

Key Benefits include:

  1. VSD gives you immediate awareness of exactly where the detected incident has occurred, by highlighting the incident on your CCTV screens. This saves valuable seconds in the event of a fire. A fire alarm may just tell you the ‘Zone’, or sometimes the ‘Device’. VSD tells you where, and what the incident is.
  2. Being impervious to harsh operating conditions, such as extreme dust and humidity, which can cause false alarms.
  3. A properly designed video smoke detection system will be able to see the smoke at its earliest stages without waiting for it to rise to the ceiling. This enables swift response times in high-roofed buildings.

Now, let’s explore another game-changer: Video Fire Detection (VFD). This technology steps up where conventional fire detection methods fall short, catering to outdoor, high-level, and dusty environments that typically pose challenges.

Video Fire Detection utilizes specialized CCTV cameras to scrutinize images or video footage for fire-related indicators. Acting proactively, it identifies and responds to fires in their early stages, providing an added layer of protection. This not only enhances overall fire safety but also minimizes potential damages.

In high-risk and operations-critical areas, a reliable fire detection system is not just beneficial; it’s essential. With Video Smoke Detection and Video Fire Detection, you’re equipped with state-of-the-art tools to safeguard your surroundings and respond swiftly to potential threats.

Contact us today to arrange your free onsite demonstration, and find out how VSD and VFD can protect your people, property and assets.

Explore videos showcasing the Video Smoke Detection System in various cases below.

Case Title Description Video Link
Video Smoke Detection For Warehousing
At roof heights above 7-10 metres, ceiling mounted smoke detection such as point type, beam or aspirating detectors may be unsuitable. This is due to a phenomenon called 'Stratification', which is where the smoke hits a layer of warmer air in the roof void which prevents it from rising further. Instead, the smoke just flattens out on this thermal layer, never reaching the ceiling mounted detectors.
Video Smoke Detection For Waste Recycling
This video shows Smokecatcher Video Smoke Detection detecting a simulated fire at a waste recycling facility, demonstrating the incredible speed of detection which can be achieved!
Video Smoke Detection in MSW Hall (Real Fire Incident)
This video shows a real fire incident which was detected at a waste recycling facility by video smoke detection, outside of the facilities operational hours. Remarkably, the fire detected wasn’t even in the same building as the video smoke detection (VSD), but was in an adjoining area.
Video Smoke Detection for Waste Recycling (real incident) – SRF Storage Fire
This video shows a real-life incident where unfortunately the clients site burned down. Smokecatcher was working properly and detected the fire as shown – giving 4 hours of pre-warning. Unfortunately for the client their fire alarm monitoring wasn’t operating and by the time the alarm was raised externally it was too late.

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