Fire Rover OnWatch System

In an outdoor facility that constantly evolves or a workface that frequently changes, Fire Rover On-Watch stands out as the perfect detection solution.

Fire Rover OnWatch is a top-of-the-line, smart. It is remotely monitored, wireless early detection unit that utilizes a combination of thermal cameras and remote Fire Rover agents to detect and identify fire and hotspots

Fire Rover OnWatch Key Features ​

  • Thermal Fire Detection – Early fire detection in all weather conditions and in unlit areas. Combined with a ‘reference’ CCTV camera to allow the operator to visually verify the detected alarms.
  • Trailer-Mounted and Portable – ensure protection when and where it is needed most.
  • Easy Deployment – simply raise the mast, and turn on!
  • 24/7 Real Time Monitoring – providing real-time data and updates to F fire Rrover operators and first responders. This instant access to critical information enables swift decision-making and a proactive response.
  • Uses dual 4G sim cards for communication to the Fire Rover monitoring station.
  • Battery Powered Unit – self-contained unit for remote applications
  • Charged by Solar Panels & Wind Turbine – powered by the environment
  • Can handle everything from dust and strong winds to uneven terrain and more.

Benefits of Fire Rover OnWatch

  • Mobile’ Fire Detection: On-watch can be moved to the area or facility of greatest risk, providing you with an asset which can always be where it needs to be – as your operation evolves.
  • Enhanced Fire Safety: This advanced system reduces the risk of catastrophic fires, ensuring the safety of personnel and safeguarding valuable assets.
  • Minimized Downtime: Fast deployment, zero false alarms.
  • Cost Efficiency: Fire Rover OnWatch prevents costly fire damage, including property loss, equipment replacement, and potential legal expenses.
  • Environmental Stewardship: prevent catastrophic losses, disruption and downtime.

Fire Rover OnWatch shines as an innovative and reliable choice. Its advanced features, swift responses, and numerous benefits make it a must-have for industries prioritizing fire protection.

Choosing this technology ensures both the safety of your people and assets while contributing to a sustainable and secure future.

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Fire Rover OnWatch is ideal for any remote application where installing a hard-wired or fixed system isn’t practical, including:

    • Landfill Pits
    • Open Storage/Processing Yards
    • Remote HWRC Facilities
    • Dockside Loading Areas
    • Scrapyards

Curious to discover more? Watch this video to see OnWatch in action

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