Heat Detectors

Heat detectors are reliable, robust and usually a superb choice for applications where smoke detection will cause false alarms.

Heat Detectors
Fire Detection in UK

Heat detectors are devices that sense rising temperatures and are commonly used in fire detection systems to trigger alarms when a specific temperature threshold is reached.

Heat detectors, known for their reliability, are a preferred option in various applications where smoke detection could lead to false alarms. They are widely used in places like staff kitchens, plant rooms, and workshops.

Two Types of Heat Detectors:

Fixed Temperature:

  • These detectors trigger alarms at a pre-set temperature, typically around 68 degrees Celsius.


  • Rate-of-Rise detectors monitor quick temperature increases in the area and have a fixed temperature limit to alarm if the temperature rise is too gradual. 

Considerations for Heat Detector Placement in High-Ceiling Buildings

Heat detectors are ill-suited for buildings with high ceilings because they have a delayed activation time. They only respond to well-established fires with high heat output—meaning that the higher the ceiling, the longer it takes for the detector to activate. 

Height restrictions for heat detector mounting: 

  • Fixed Temperature Detector – 7.5m high 
  • A1 (Rate-of-Rise) Heat Detector – 9m high

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