Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors
Fire Detection in UK

The ‘Point Type’ smoke detector is the most common of all automatic fire detection devices. It’s robust, reliable and a great choice for the majority of working environments.

Smoke detectors are the ideal choice for the vast majority of applications.  It’s swift to react, easy to maintain and cost-effective to install.  It’s called a ‘Point Type’ detector due to its shape, with the detection chamber on the ‘point’ of the detector that faces the ground (quite simple really)!

There are two forms of detection technology used on point type smoke detectors.

Ionization Smoke Detectors

  • Ionization Smoke Detection systems detect smoke by using a small ionizing radiation source. Ionization detectors respond well to fast-burning (flaming) fires and are widely used to protect properties.

Optical Smoke Detection

  • Optical Smoke Detection systems detect smoke by using an LED light source and photodiode. Optical detectors respond particularly well to slow-burning, smoldering fires and are widely used for protecting lives.

Point Type Smoke Detectors should not be used above 10.5m high, and should not be installed in dusty or dirty environments.  Harsh environmental conditions will increase the risk of pollution entering the detection chamber and the risk of a false alarm is increased.

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