Manual Call Points

Manual Call Points
Fire Detection in UK

Manual call points, often referred to as MCPs or manual pull stations, are devices designed for manual activation of fire alarm systems. They are typically found on walls in buildings and are equipped with a glass or plastic break-glass cover.

Manual call points are crucial for initiating a rapid response to fire incidents and ensuring the safety of building occupants.

How Do Manual Call Points Work?

In case of a fire or emergency, a person can break the glass or lift the cover to access a manual pull lever. When the lever is pulled, it triggers the fire alarm system, activating audible and visual alarms to alert occupants of the building and notify the authorities of the emergency.

Pros and Cons of Manual Call Points


  • Simple, reliable, and cost-effective device for manual system activation.
  • Facilitates easy weekly fire alarm system tests.


  • Vulnerable to accidental or malicious damage.
  • Can be used to trigger false system activations in certain environments.

Reduce False Alarms with Call Point Covers

If you’re facing problems like false alarms, we highly recommend the installation of “Call Point Covers.” These durable plastic covers provide protection against environmental factors and accidental contact, and they have a proven track record of effectively reducing false alarms, particularly in school settings and more.

For more detailed information or to access our fire alarm testing record sheet, please explore the links below or reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Blazequel Manual Call Points are compliant with British Standards (BS EN 54-11) and other relevant UK fire safety regulations, ensuring they meet all required safety and performance criteria.

Blazequel offers a range of manual call points, including both break glass and resettable call points, to suit different needs and preferences. Contact us for more information.

Manual Call Points are designed to be compatible with a wide range of fire alarm systems. For specific compatibility queries, please contact our engineers.

Our manual call points are made from durable, high-quality materials suitable for various environments, including both indoor and outdoor settings.

Yes, resettable call points come with a reset tool or key to easily reset the device after activation.

Manual Call Points are designed for easy installation. Detailed installation instructions are provided, and no special tools are required. However, professional installation is recommended to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Yes, we provide detailed manuals, instructional videos, and training sessions to help users understand the operation and maintenance of Blazequel Manual Call Points

Regular maintenance involves visual inspections and functional testing as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. We recommend periodic checks to ensure the devices are in good working condition.

When activated, Manual Call Points send an electrical signal to the fire alarm control panel, which then triggers the alarm.

Yes, it is designed to perform reliably in high-risk environments such as industrial sites, schools, and hospitals.

Our manual call points feature robust design elements to prevent false alarms or accidental activation, ensuring reliable performance in critical situations.

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