Fire extinguisher Theft and Misuse Prevention

If you ever need your extinguishers, you need them right away. It’s not the right moment to find that they’ve been pinched, or worse still tampered with and totally useless…

In a fire, every second matters. If you want to deal with the fire safely before it becomes uncontrollable, you can’t afford to waste any time.

That’s why the risk of fire extinguishers getting accidentally damaged, messed with, stolen, or moved to the wrong spot can be really dangerous. But don’t worry, we have some easy and affordable solutions for this problem.

fire extinguisher cover UK

Fire extinguisher covers

Fire extinguisher covers are available to provide protection for extinguishers, particularly in dusty or other dirty environments. We wouldn't recommend them for external use because they are not weatherproof, but where there are areas of high dust concentration, it is recommended to keep the extinguisher free from dust.

fire extinguisher cabinets UK

Fire extinguisher cabinets

A sturdy cabinet will shield your extinguisher from whatever the weather or your busy workplace throws at it. It’s also a highly effective way to stop people from messing with it or using it for something it’s not meant for. You can even add an alarm to these cabinets to protect against theft or vandalism. For fancy settings, our recessed cabinets blend in perfectly with your decor.

Fire Extinguisher alarms UK

Fire extinguisher alarms

In areas where extinguishers are in danger of theft, we can install a fire extinguisher alarm, which is a battery-operated device mounted beside the extinguisher with a strap around the handle of the extinguisher and anyone attempting to remove the extinguisher from its place will pull the cord out of the extinguisher alarm causing the alarm to sound.

Protect your spaces efficiently

Contact us now to learn more about Blazequel fire extinguisher theft and misuse prevention products and how they can be an essential part of your fire safety plan.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Yes, misusing a fire extinguisher can be dangerous. Discharging a fire extinguisher inappropriately may release toxic substances, create a mess, or cause injury to people nearby. Moreover, if the extinguisher is needed for an actual fire emergency, its absence due to theft or misuse could have severe consequences. 

Secure fire extinguishers in locked cabinets or use tamper-evident devices to deter theft. Install security cameras in areas where fire extinguishers are located. Educate individuals about the serious consequences of theft and misuse and encourage a culture of responsibility regarding fire safety equipment. 

Report the incident to the local authorities immediately. Provide any available information, such as time, location, and, if possible, descriptions of individuals involved. Also, inform the appropriate personnel responsible for fire safety within the organization or community. 

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