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Fire hose reels are something that we don’t see so much of these days. In times past, they were recommended very frequently, particularly in factories. But now we recommend them just where there are specific risks involving a fire which could need a large amount of water.  

The advantage of a portable fire extinguisher is, the point, that once a fire extinguisher is empty, you then know it’s time to leave. There have been situations where a person has stayed in the building with a fire hose reel and got themselves into difficulties thinking that as they had an uninterrupted water supply, that they could stay and fight the fire. 

So training is required to make sure that they are used appropriately.   And they do need to be maintained. It is also not recommended that hose reels are used for things like car washing. They should be reserved for the purpose for which they are installed.

Fire hose reels are an essential part of fire safety equipment, providing a quick and effective means of delivering water to control or extinguish fires.

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Blazequel can design, install and maintain systems incorporating hose reels. Annual servicing is statutory to ensure correct operation, and to help prevent a potentially damaging leak. Contact us now to learn more about Blazequel fire hose reels product and how they can be an essential part of your fire safety plan.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

A fire hose reel is a cylindrical spindle that stores a length of fire hose, which can be quickly deployed in the event of a fire. It typically includes a nozzle for controlling the flow of water.

Fire hose reels installed in industrial facilities, and other locations where there is a higher risk of fire than normal. They are often found in hallways, stairwells, and near exits for easy access. 

A fire hose reel works by allowing the user to unwind the hose from the reel and use it to extinguish a fire. Some of them start the water flow when the reel starts to turn, others require a gate valve to be opened manually. 

The primary purpose of a fire hose reel is to provide a quick and easily accessible water supply for firefighting. It is especially useful for tackling small fires in their early stages before they escalate. 

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the reliability of fire hose reels. This includes regular inspections, checking for leaks, ensuring the hose is in good condition, and testing the functionality of the reel, the flow rate of the water, and the throw of the hose. 

The spacing between fire hose reels is typically regulated by local building codes and fire safety standards. In many cases, there are guidelines on the maximum distance a person should travel to reach the nearest hose reel. 

Fire hose reels are most effective against Class A fires (ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, and textiles). They may not be suitable for all types of fires, and it’s essential to use the appropriate firefighting equipment based on the type of fire. 

Fire hose reels are generally designed for indoor use. Weatherproof cabinets available that provide protection against the elements. 

While using a fire hose reel is relatively straightforward, it is advisable for individuals to receive basic training on how to operate the reel and control the water flow effectively. Training helps ensure proper use during an emergency. 

The length of the hose on a fire hose reel can vary, but it is typically around 30 meters (100 feet). The length is designed to provide sufficient reach for firefighting within a specific area. 

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