Water Mist Fire Suppression System

Water Mist is an excellent extinguishing agent with an enormous range of applications, from protecting delicate machinery and electrical areas, through to high-risk waste recycling processes!  Although these applications are a world apart, the water mist technology is based on the same principle – the breakdown of water droplets for improved efficiency and less agent usage.


How does the Water Mist Fire Suppression System Operate?

Water mist is so effective (and uses very little water) due to the process of breaking the water into millions of tiny droplets.  This provides the water with a significantly larger surface area, enabling it to absorb the heat of the fire.  As the water absorbs the radiant heat (which is what causes fire spread and flashover), the tiny droplets quickly turn to steam which expands, displacing the oxygen and creating an environment where there is insufficient oxygen for flames to occur.  This means that, of the three elements in the Fire Triangle, two (Oxygen and Heat) are removed.

Water Mist Fire Suppression System in action

In High-Pressure Water Mist Systems, the droplets can be less than 100 microns.  This means that delicate electrical parts can be protected by this system, as the tiny particles cannot conduct electricity.  This unique reaction makes water mist a great choice for almost any application. 

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