Gas fire suppression system can be found in every risk application, from server rooms to high-risk plant areas.  They are most commonly used in the more sensitive environments, where a more ‘crude’ form of suppression, such as a sprinkler system, could damage the very equipment it is required to protect!

There are many different types of Gaseous systems that Blazequel can design, install and maintain.  Each is perfect for its own unique application and risk areas; from a PAFSS system to protect a single switchboard, through to a multiple cylinder system for a large server room.


To work efficiently, gaseous suppression systems need an airtight room.


Minimize residual damage: Ideal for sensitive applications such as electronic and mechanical assets.

Protect smaller areas; Suitable for protecting electrical switchgear, servers, and plant applications.

Gaseous Suppression@4x

Areas of high value with limited space such as computer rooms

Gaseous Suppression@4x

Suitable for large spaces such as control rooms and manned areas

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