Fire Detection Thermal Camera


Fire Detection Thermal Camera is suitable for high risk and bulk storage applications. Ideal for waste recycling, biomass production, coal storage, power generation and other complex detection environments.

Fire Detection Thermal Camera uses thermal imaging to monitor for temperatures that show signs of a fire or developing fire risk.

Thermal camera is a fantastic solution for applications such as waste storage areas, or indeed the bulk storage of any flammable material such as peat, coal and biomass.  In these applications, an internal hotspot can slowly develop, building up heat before breaking out into a fire. Whereas other fire detection methods are purely reactive, thermal imaging allows you to preempt the occurrence of a fire.

Thermal camera systems can be programmed to raise the alarm when a range of pre-defined ‘danger’ heat thresholds have been triggered, and some systems can even trigger the alarm if an unusually rapid rate of rise in temperature is noticed.

Thermal camera can also be used for process protection, in ensuring that the product / materials passing through the process line is within the correct temperature range. Applications for process protection can range from food production and precision engineering through to waste recycling.

Your thermal fire detection system can also be integrated into a specialist water cannon system to extinguish a fire or cool a developing hotspot immediately. This remarkable technology means that the fire risk is being tackled the instant it occurs, rather than waiting for the heat of the flames to trigger a heat-activated sprinkler system etc.

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