Beam Detectors

Beam Detectors
Fire Detection in UK

Perfect for large or high-level areas, fire beam detectors are a reliable, low maintenance and cost-effective solution.

Beam smoke detection is a cost-effective alternative to point detection in large open spaces such as factories, warehouses and museums.

Depending on the area size, one or more infra-red beams can be projected in a continuous line. For example, at high level along the length of a roof structure. When a fire develops, smoke particles obstruct the infra-red beam. If a preset threshold is exceeded, the alarm is triggered.

Blazequel offers Intelligent beam detectors which automatically realign in order to compensate for structural building movement – this is a particularly useful feature in large warehouses, and reduces commissioning costs and decreases the likelihood of a fault occurring. These units feature a low-level controller with digital read-out display and simple user functions.

These units can also offer reduced maintenance costs. One detector can cover an area which would otherwise require significantly more point-type detectors. Therefore, the problem of accessing numerous detectors at high level can be avoided. Or at the very least reduced.

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