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Extinguisher Stands

Extinguisher stands are becoming more and more essential, method of positioning extinguishers in today’s modern office environment, where there are often no solid walls and a lot of glass in the area, so it is not practical for extinguishers to be mounted on hanging brackets, screwed to a wall.  

Stands are also more aesthetically pleasing and are available in a variety of colours, including metal ones or stainless-steel ones to match the extinguishers or the decor.   

BS5306 makes it clear that extinguishers should have their own location, so that they’re not tempted to be moved around or used as doorstops. And where it is not practical to mount an extinguisher on a hanging bracket, a stand is often the best way of doing it. And stands are available in single, double or even triple. There are also heavy duty stands available for more factory areas where they are likely to get knocked. 

photo of fire extinguisher cabinets and stands

Extinguisher Cabinets

Extinguisher cabinets have a dual use. There are more aesthetically pleasing ones for areas with high quality decor. Cabinets can be inset into a wall to make them less obvious.  

They more come into their own by, for a means of protecting the extinguisher. And this can be where there are external risks, where an extinguisher needs to be protected from the elements. Or in some, in some applications, particularly in institutions which care for persons with mental illnesses,  and cabinets are necessary to prevent the extinguishers being  tampered with or used by residents.  

In these particular circumstances, it is possible to get extinguishers cabinets with a lock, to which only staff have access to the key so that they can use an extinguisher if necessary, but residents can’t.  

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Stands are typically used for portable fire extinguishers, providing a stable and accessible platform. Cabinets, on the other hand, are used to enclose fire extinguishers, protecting them from environmental factors and vandalism. The choice depends on your specific needs and the environment where the extinguisher is placed. 

Stands and cabinets are usually made of durable plastic but are also available in steel or aluminium to ensure sturdiness and longevity. Most cabinets have transparent panels for easy visibility of the extinguisher. 

Yes, many cabinets come with locking mechanisms to prevent tampering or unauthorized use. This is particularly important in public spaces or areas where the extinguisher needs to be secured. 

Some cabinets are designed for outdoor use and are constructed with weather-resistant materials. It’s crucial to check the specifications of the cabinet to ensure it is suitable for outdoor placement. 

Yes, there are regulations and guidelines provided by fire safety authorities and organizations. These regulations often specify the proper height, visibility, and accessibility for fire extinguishers. Make sure to adhere to these guidelines to ensure compliance.

In most cases, wall-mounted fire extinguishers do not require stands. However, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper installation and mounting height. 

Some stands are designed to be customizable or adjustable to fit specific environments. This can be useful for adapting to different spaces or accommodating various types of fire extinguishers. 

Regular inspections of stands and cabinets are crucial to ensure they are in good condition. Check for any signs of damage, corrosion, or tampering. If locks are present, make sure they are functioning correctly. 

Stands and cabinets may need to be labelled with appropriate signage indicating the presence of a fire extinguisher. The labelling requirements often follow standard safety codes and regulations. 

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