Aerosol Fire Suppression System

Aerosol suppression is a remarkable and innovative new technology that is ideal for protecting almost any type of enclosed fire risk – quickly and cost effectively.

It’s widely used in applications ranging from server rooms through to CNC machines and even military vehicles! In many sensitive environments, it can be an ideal alternative to a gaseous suppression system – an option which is often an unaffordable (and unjustifiable) luxury for many companies.

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What is Aerosol Fire Suppression System?

The aerosol fire suppression generators are non-pressurized cylinders. On activation of the system, they eject their contents through a unique chemical reaction. This fills the protected area with billions of tiny airborne particles. These particles prevent the chemical reaction of fire from taking place.

What makes Aerosol Fire Suppression System special?

Aerosol is unique if having no stored pressure, no complex pipework requirements, being very space efficient (no bulky cylinder banks) and in creating no pressure increases on activation.

Therefore, all these unique features drive down costs and makes your safety more affordable!

Are there any side- effects from the system?

Aerosol is harmless to electrical components, non-toxic and does not deplete oxygen in the protected area. In addition, the post-discharge residue does not cause respiratory issues.

However, it creates a white ‘cloud’ so potentially can cause obscuration and can leave a dusty residue after the area has been ventilated.

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Aerosol Fire Suppression.. the benefits explained.

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Our aerosol suppression systems are ideal for a huge range of application and are often an ideal alternative to the bulkier and more costly alternatives such as gas suppression or water mist systems.

Aerosol suppression is a much more cost effective technology to install and maintain than a gas suppression system for numerous reasons.

However, when protecting a large volume of risk area the key savings are:

  • There is no requirement for a airtight room – aerosol floods the protected area with microscopic airborne particles without causing a pressure increase. This can save ££££’s in attempting to give the protected room airtight integrity – an undertaking that can be like signing a blank cheque!
  • As there is no pressure increases, equipment such as pressure relief dampers is not required.
  • For the same reason there is no need to conduct an annual ‘Room Integrity Check’ to test the airtight integrity of the room – this saves you hundreds of pounds each year.
  • If the system is activated it is very quick and inexpensive to replace the aerosol units – they only contribute a relatively small part to the cost of the system.


As our aerosol systems are free from pipework, cylinders and pressure relief vents, installation is much quicker -saving you hassle and money!


A very affordable option compared to the hefty price tag for a gaseous system, thanks to the unrivalled simplicity of the aerosol technology.


The maintenance is quick and simple, without the hefty price tag and room integrity checks associated with a gaseous system.


On activation the aerosol fills the entire protected area with the airborne extinguishing agent - no expensive pipework setup is required!


The aerosols do not deteriorate, and are fully tested to all international standards. All our aerosols have a 10 year lifetime.


There are none of the potential hazards and other issues associated with high pressure systems - the aerosol units simply use a unique chemical reaction.


As the aerosol system does not create a pressure increase, no pressure venting equipment is required.


Our Aerosol systems not require an air-tight room to operate - removing the requirement for a potentially extremely costly room sealing project.

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