Ember Detection

Ember Detection is for detecting fire and hot particles on conveyors and process lines.

Ember Detection
Fire Detection in UK

Ember Detection is ideal for detecting fire and hot particles on coal conveyors and process lines. The detector utilizes infrared-sensitive photoelectric sensors to identify glowing embers. With its narrow spectral sensitivity, it disregards visible light, ensuring accurate detection. This advanced unit swiftly and consistently identifies faint infrared radiation emitted by embers, whether from smoldering wood or coal fragments.

Process lines are high risk.  Within minutes, a tiny fire or hot particle could have travelled all the way through your plant, setting fire to other items on its way.

Waste recycling has one of the highest risk types of process line, although sectors such as Coal, Biomass and Manufacturing (even industrial food production) all have high-risk process conveyors.  Ember and Spark detection is the most suitable solution for the protection of these area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To maintain maximum sensitivity, it’s crucial to ensure the detector tube surface remains clean and free from any dirt or contaminants consistently. Regular testing of the detector with controlled embers is recommended. Moreover, there’s an option for connecting to a pneumatic air purging system to uphold cleanliness on the detector surface.

To make sure the Ember detector works properly, it needs to be installed in a way that nothing blocks its view. Other sources of infrared radiation, like sunlight or hot objects, can mess up how well the detector works. For conveyor systems, the detector should be put on the hood or gantry of the conveyor frame. Make sure the detector can see along the conveyor belt, not across it.

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