Multisensor Smoke and Heat Detectors

Dual-state fire detection for increased reliability and performance.

Multisensor Smoke and Heat Detectors
Fire Detection in UK

Multisensor Smoke and Heat Detectors are a combined optical smoke and heat detector allowing flexibility in the detection of fires. Using the combined detection method, a fire condition can be confirmed if both heat and smoke sensors operate.

These Detectors are general purpose detectors which respond well to a wide range of fires. In some cases, they can be mode selected for hours of occupation. Therefore, offering a even greater level of flexibility.

It is important to understand that not all fires are the same. Some, for example start off slow and smoldering. This type of fire produces more smoke and relatively little flame at first; this would be picked up by a Smoke Alarm but not so easily by a Heat Alarm. On the other hand, fast flaming fires with a corresponding fast rise in temperature would probably set off a Heat Alarm before a Smoke Alarm. By combining the two, a Multisensor offers the best – and crucially the fastest – possible warning if there is a fire.

In a fire, every second counts and it’s vital to give people the earliest possible warning and the greatest time in which to escape. Therefore, the benefits to a multi-sensor system are obvious.

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