Fire Rover System

Fire Rover system is a unique detection and suppression solution for the recycling industry and other high hazard sectors – remotely manned to eliminate false alarms.

fire rover system

A remotely-controlled detection and suppression system, which already has over 1000 fire-saves on record.


Fire Rover On-Watch is a trailer-mounted Thermal Fire Detection unit, and powered by Battery, Solar and Wind Power.  Operating independent of onsite services.

Explore videos showcasing the Fire Rover System in various cases below.

Case Title Description Video Link
Prioritizing Life over Property
In this video, you will see that Fire Rover Operators hold back from activating the cannons until the site staff have moved out of the way. The fire is then extinguished in an effective and targeted manner.
Fire in RORO Skip
This video shows Fire Rover operators tackling a large fire in a Roll-On-Roll-Off skip. By manually operating the cannon, they quickly gain control of and extinguish the fire which, if left to grow in intensity, could have taken out the building and machinery inside.
Mastering the Great Outdoors
This video fire rover eliminates a fire caused by an ember. Outdoor environments are especially challenging for suppression systems. Wind can throw a water jet off course, resulting in the suppression agent partially or completely missing the fire. This creates a fundamental weakness that cannot be rectified by technology alone.
Lithium-Ion Battery Fire
This highly-targeted response is what make Fire Rover the perfect solution for volatile applications. Fire Rover operators can decide not only when to deploy the system, but how to fight the fire.
Process Line & Bunker Protection
Our operators to understand the situation and take necessary action makes the system ideal for complex Waste Industry applications.
Waste Truck Fire
The type of complex interaction between the onsite staff and the cannon system seen in this video is only achievable by manual control.

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