Fire Rover system is a unique detection and suppression solution for the recycling industry and other high hazard sectors – remotely manned to eliminate false alarms!

How does Fire Rover work?

Fire Rover uses Thermal Fire Detection and Video Smoke Detection for early warning of a developing fire risk.  Any alarms detected are immediately viewed by our remote human operators – eliminating the risk of false alarms from disrupting your operations.  All false alarms are filtered out without any interaction required onsite!

Once a real fire is detected, our Fire Rover remote operators can activate our foam-water cannons and start to fight the fire – whilst notifying the site operators and Fire & Rescue Service.

Why is the Fire Rover Cannon System unique?

Fire Rover is monitored, controlled, and operated by trained and experienced operators in a network of remote monitoring stations. This is key to the system’s unparalleled flexibility and accuracy.

Operations at recycling facilities create continual potential false alarm sources for fire detection systems. Hot vehicles, plant exhausts, dust, and steam can all trigger false alarms.

With Fire Rover, these alarms are inspected by our human remote operators – this means that we filter out these incidents, preventing them from ever disrupting your site operations.

Remote Operators can take one of 3 steps

  1. False Alarm – Cancel the alert, and reset the system. No site disruption.
  2. Unsure – Contact the site directly and warn them of a potential threat requiring further investigation immediately.
  3. Active Fire or Hotspot – Activate the onsite fire alarm to trigger a site evacuation, call the local Fire Brigade, contact personnel onsite, and actively fight the fire by remote operation of the water/foam cannon.

After every fire incident, a full system report and video be produced and made available.

Why is Fire Rover suited to Waste and Recycling Applications?

Fire Rover has a number of key features that make it ideal for Waste and Recycling applications:

  1. Compact, self-contained system foam supply container – removing the requirement for a large pump, tank, and water supply.  (N.B. For larger sites and systems, the cannons can still be run from a pumped water supply for enhanced performance).
  2. Targeted application of extinguishing agent via remotely-controlled cannon – suppression goes where it needs to go.
  3. Combined Thermal Imaging and Video Smoke Detection (depending on your application). This provides the most advanced early warning possible for harsh and dirty environments. Plus, you’ll never get false alarms, with our remote operators verifying each alert received.
  4. Visual verification of any detection activation – provides a ‘filter’ against false alarms, thereby reducing operational disruption
  5. Remote maintenance of the system on a daily/weekly basis – ensuring your system is always ready for operation in the moment of need.

Waste Truck Fire

The type of complex interaction between the onsite staff and the cannon system seen in this video is only achievable by manual control.

Large Waste Pile & Lithium-ion Battery Fire

This highly-targeted response is what makes Fire Rover the perfect solution for volatile applications. Fire Rover operators can decide not only when to deploy the system, but how to fight the fire.

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