Access Control Systems

Access control systems are essential to the security of your business and the safety of your staff. Make sure it’s in safe hands.

Access Control

At Blazequel we can offer a wide range of access control packages. From the most basic of keypad systems to large networked systems, covering hundreds of different access levels across a range of devices. From the traditional keypad to personalized proximity readers.

Networked systems can contain almost any kind of device. They are controlled from authorized computers, from which access levels can instantly be added or blocked. This gives an added dimension of security to your operations.

Although a totally different system to your Fire Alarm, they are often installed together as to satisfy current safety regulations. Access control systems must release:

  • On operation of the local emergency door release call point
  • On activation of the fire alarm system
  • In the event of a power failure

At Blazequel we can supply all the necessary equipment and have expertise in designing, installing, upgrading and servicing access control systems. As well as interfacing the alarm system in ensuring full compliance with current regulations. Contact us today for more information and advice!

System Types:

Stand Alone System

This is when all the information is housed in the keypad or reader. Although a cheaper option it is not recommended for the more complex or high security installations. This can be used with automatic proximity readers, the cheap but effective swipe cards, or the traditional keypad systems.

The system is ideal however for a low security installation or for small to medium sized premises requiring access control. Due to the fact that these systems are self-contained and do not require networking (as do the PC based systems), they are relatively simple and un-disruptive to install.

PC Based Systems:

These systems are referred to as “Networked” systems. This means that from a PC you can set access permissions for any swipe card or proximity device, depending what kind of readers are being used. This helps to give much greater control over persons access in a building in relation to their responsibilities. Any five PCs can be authorized to adapt permissions for any card or proximity fob, each having their own identity.

  • Allowing you to track peoples movements. This is particularly useful for giving limited access permissions to a site visitor for example. Another benefit of this system is that you can instantly block all access permissions to any one device, therefore vastly reducing the potential security threat if a device goes.


A relatively basic system that requires the user to know the security code to pass through. They are mainly viewed as a standalone system, but can be incorporated into a networked system. These systems are ideal and highly cost effective for situations such as “Staff Only” rooms or areas,


These systems are a highly cost-effective way of limiting and granting access to areas of a building.    They use the very economical swipe card which makes this system ideal for areas with a high rotation of access cards. These cards are credit card sized and are simply swiped through the reader.


These are similar to card reader systems in that each fob can be programmed with its own identity, allowing responsible persons different levels of access. However, these devices go one better in that rather than requiring the person to swipe their fob, the system will automatically read their permissions and accordingly open, or block access through the door.

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