Fire Hydrants and risers

Fire hydrants and risers are important for providing the fire department with a steady supply of water close to where a fire might happen. In tall buildings, we place risers every few floors so that firefighters can easily connect their hoses.

Risers make it quicker to fight fires because firefighters don’t have to drag hoses up many floors. They also keep stairways clear, which helps people evacuate the building safely.

Blazequel fire hydrants and risers are your main line of fire water supply to the building. This means that proper installation and maintenance are essential for your safety.


Fire hydrants are used to provide a quick and reliable water supply for firefighting, ensuring the rapid response of firefighters to extinguish fires and protect lives and property.


Wet and dry risers are designed for the Fire Service, providing an easily accessible way to deliver large amounts of water when needed.

Blazequel follows British Standard BS5306 Part 3 for maintaining dry and wet riser systems, which includes:

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