Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC)

Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) – the perfect choice for high risk, harsh and corrosive environments. It’s one of the toughest forms of heat detection in the world.

Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC)
Fire Detection in UK

Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) is an outstandingly reliable and robust form of heat detection. LHDC is suitable for the worst environments and a huge range of applications.

Linear Heat Detection Cable is effectively a braided two core wire that detects heat along its entire length. The two cores are separated by a heat sensitive insulation that will melt at a pre-defined temperature. (Usually between 80-300 degrees Celsius)

More sophisticated ‘analogue’ LHDC systems can also detect a rapid rate of temperature increase. They can even identify the point on the line that the detection has occurred.

When the insulation between the two cores melts, the braided wires meet to create a short circuit. This triggers the fire detection system and raises the alarm.

Linear Heat Detection Cable is suitable for harsh and adverse environments where conventional detectors are not sufficiently durable or simply would not fit. This makes it ideal for areas such as machinery engine bays conveyor belt bearings, storage racks and waste bunkers etc.

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