automatic fire fighting Systems

Blazequel is a pioneering company in the field of automatic fire fighting systems. Our cutting-edge technology combines artificial intelligence and advanced sensors to provide real-time fire detection and rapid response. With a strong commitment to safety, Blazequel aims to protect lives and property from the devastating impact of fires.

Automatic Fire Fighting

Fire sprinklers and building protection systems are essential for quickly stopping fires, ensuring safety, and safeguarding people and property in buildings.

Blazequel Deluge Fire Suppression System

Deluge Fire Extinguisher System is designed to quickly put out fires in high-risk areas like industrial sites and chemical plants. It’s specialized and used for severe fire hazards, differing from regular fire extinguishers.

Sometimes known as ‘monitors’, water cannons are fixed position fire extinguishing nozzles that can be used to directly target a fire at your facility.

Gaseous Suppression@4x

Gaseous fire suppression systems are used in diverse settings, including server rooms and high-risk plant areas. They’re favored in sensitive environments to avoid potential damage caused by less precise methods like sprinkler systems.


Aerosol is the ideal and cost-effective extinguishing agent for Plant Rooms, CNC machines and unmanned areas.


Industrial kitchen fires must be dealt with immediately to prevent them from spreading through your ventilation system. Consider an Automatic Kitchen Fire Suppression system for swift action and a safe exit.


Water mist is a versatile extinguishing agent for various applications, including machinery protection and waste recycling. This technology enhances efficiency by breaking down water droplets, reducing agent usage across diverse scenarios.

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