Electrical Services and Systems

Our team of experienced electricians and test engineers are able to provide all forms of electrical testing, and system installation.


Nurse call system in healthcare facilities allows patients to request help and communicate with staff during emergencies or when they need medical attention.

Induction loops are essential if you have persons with hearing impairments onsite. Contact us today for assistance!

Free Swing Electromagnetic Door Closer

If you’re fed up of opening the fire door every time you want to pass down the corridor, then our range of automatic fire door closers are the perfect solution for you. Contact us today for assistance!

Fixed wiring installation testing (IEE) involves the testing of electrical services and systems that conduct electricity around a building.

This system is designed to detect toxic and flammable gases, gas detection systems help protect personnel from poisoning or asphyxiation and prevent gas explosions.

Disabled Refuge

This system ensures strong, fire-resistant audio communication between the Fire Service or rescue personnel and wheelchair-bound individuals trapped on upper floors during a fire.

PAT Testing is an essential part of keeping your company safe from the risk of an electrical appliance fire. Contact us today for assistance!

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