Radio Interlinked and Hybrid Fire Alarm Systems

Downtime, or cable installation not an option? No problem, our cost effective and reliable wireless interlinked fire alarms have the added bonus of a quick, easy and hassle-free installation!


Downtime, or cable installation not an option? No problem, our cost effective and reliable wireless interlinked fire alarms have the added bonus of a quick, easy and hassle-free installation!

Radio Interlinked Fire Alarm System are a type of fire alarm system that uses wireless technology to connect multiple alarms within a building. These systems provide an interconnected network of alarms without the need for extensive wiring. Radio interlinked fire alarms use radio frequency (RF) communication to interconnect alarms. This eliminates the need for physical wiring between devices, making installation more flexible and less invasive. Radio interlinked systems are scalable, allowing for the addition of more alarms as needed. This flexibility is beneficial for buildings of various sizes and layouts.

Most radio interlinked fire alarms are battery-powered, providing continued operation even during power outages. This is crucial for maintaining fire protection in the absence of electrical power. There are additional costs associated with radio linked fire alarms, as every device will require their batteries replaced periodically.

Key Components

  1. Fire Detection and Notification: The primary purpose of a fire alarm system is to detect the presence of a fire and notify building occupants and authorities about the emergency.
  2. Wireless Communication Technology: Uses wireless technology, such as radio waves, to establish connections between its components. This eliminates the need for traditional wired connections, making installation more flexible.
  3. Interlinking Components: The term “Interlinked” signifies that the various components of the system can communicate with each other. When one detector or alarm detects a fire or smoke, it can trigger other alarms throughout the building(s), ensuring that everyone is alerted to the danger.
  4. Multiple Buildings: In some cases, Radio Interlinked Fire Alarm Systems can be used to connect fire detection and notification systems in different buildings within a complex or campus. This is especially useful for large-scale properties where wired connections might be impractical.

A Hybrid Fire Alarm System is a fire detection and notification system that combines both wired and wireless components to provide comprehensive coverage and flexibility in fire protection. These systems leverage the strengths of both wired and wireless technologies to enhance reliability and adaptability.

Key Components

  1. Fire Detection and Notification: Similar to Radio Interlinked systems, the primary function of a Hybrid Fire Alarm System is to detect fires and alert occupants and authorities.

  2. Combination of Wired and Wireless Components: What sets a Hybrid system apart is its ability to incorporate both wired and wireless devices. Wired components are typically used in critical areas where reliability is paramount, while wireless devices offer flexibility in expanding coverage to areas that are hard to wire.

  3. Reliability: Wired components in a Hybrid system are known for their reliability and stable connection. They are often used in essential areas like control panels and central alarm stations.
  4. Flexibility: Wireless components offer flexibility in installation and can be easily added or relocated as needed. This flexibility makes Hybrid systems suitable for both new construction and retrofitting existing buildings.

At Blazequel we are fully trained distributors of most leading open-protocol wireless fire alarm systems, including EMS and Hyfire, with many happy customers experiencing the benefits of these systems.

Where an often disruptive and messy retro-fit installation isn’t an option, such as high-profile offices, a school or listed building, a fully wireless or a hybrid system (a combination of both battery and hardwired) can be the perfect solution. Call us today for more information, and to discuss your requirements.

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