Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems give you long-term flexibility and allow you to customize your fire alarm system to your exact company requirements


What are Addressable Fire Alarm System?

 Addressable fire alarm systems are advanced and intelligent systems used for detecting and alerting occupants to the presence of fire or other emergencies in a building. Unlike conventional systems, addressable systems provide specific information about the location of activated devices, offering more precise and rapid response capabilities.

In addressable systems, each individual device (smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual call point) has a unique address or identification code. This allows the control panel to pinpoint the exact location of an activated device. It also provides detailed information about the status of each device, including whether it’s in an alarm state, needs maintenance, or has a low battery. This level of granularity aids in quick identification and resolution of issues.

Addressable systems typically maintain a log or event history that records the status of devices over time. This information is valuable for troubleshooting, maintenance, and post-event analysis. Addressable systems offer more programming flexibility. Devices can be individually configured, allowing for customized responses based on the type and location of the activated device.

Addressable fire alarm systems can often be integrated with other building systems, such as HVAC, access control, or security systems, enhancing overall building safety and management. 

Frequently Asked Questions ?

In view of the confusion that often is associated with the different sort of fire alarms, we thought it might be helpful to explain a few things:

No, this is not the case. Although addressable is often preferred, and indeed specified in certain environments, there is nothing wrong with a non-addressable fire alarm system in a smaller building.

No, but manufacturers typically only recommend 20 devices in a zone. If your building needs more than 200 devices on the system you will probably prefer to have an addressable system because of the functionality advantages of an addressable system.

Yes, there is. A non-addressable system will tell you in what zone a device has activated, but you will have to go the physical zone to identify the device in question which limits search distances. An addressable system will tell you the exact device number and location.

Only an addressable system has this capacity. Once a fault has disappeared on a non-addressable system it isn’t possible to see from the panel what the problem was.

As long as the cabling is in good condition, yes. There are some changes that will be needed to be made to the cabling, as it will need to be changed to a loop rather than a zone or by adding extra control equipment. The panel and all the devices will need to be replaced, but often, the sounders and their circuits can remain as they are.

Yes, they are, but not as much as it once was, as technology improves.

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