Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarms are essential for the protection of life and property, so you need to have a BAFE Approved fire alarm partner you can trust. Whether you need a brand new system or just a simple maintenance contract, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help!


This system give you long-term flexibility and allow you to customize your fire alarm system to your exact company requirements.


This system is cost effective solution for smaller systems, and applications which don’t require complex cause and effect commissioning.


Explore this top-tier fire alarm systems for ultimate safety. Benefit from wireless connectivity, reliability, and advanced fire detection. 

From traditional hardwired systems, to cutting edge radio-interlinked solutions, Blazequel provide fire alarm system types for all applications. Choosing the right type of fire alarm system can be complex, and depends on many factors which are unique to your facility.


We are a BAFE Approved Fire Alarm Maintenance! Our skilled engineers can handle almost any type of fire alarm system, including Advanced, Gent, Ziton, and more!

It’s important to proactively maintain your fire alarm system in line with BS-5839 to ensure the safety of you, your colleagues, and your facilities. Neglecting proper maintenance might not only jeopardize your protection but could also invalidate your insurance policy in case of a fire.

When you choose us for your fire alarm maintenance, you not only get expertise in your systems but also enjoy excellent customer service and competitive prices. Rest assured, you’re partnering with a reliable and experienced provider.

Here's our commitment to you:

  • Straightforward and transparent pricing – no hidden extras.
  • Experienced and professional engineers with all the tools for their job. We’ll always try to fix your system on the first visit.
  • All alarm maintenance packages come with 24/7 call out cover included. Free telephone support will be supplemented with an engineer visit if required.


Blazequel is BAFE SP203-1 approved for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems. Choosing a BAFE-approved company ensures competent handling of system design, installation, and maintenance. Our expertise lies in designing, installing, and upgrading fire alarm systems for various applications.

Cutting corners at this stage can lead to common problem, such as:

  • Poor quality equipment often proves to be a false economy, requiring higher maintenance.
  • Poor quality of installation can lead to a unreliable or non-compliant system.
  • Careless design can lead to false alarms.
  • Lack of consideration for the operating environment can lead to a detection system which swiftly is rendered dysfunctional – fire alarm design isn’t just a one-size-fits-all approach!

As with any project, you should make sure you get reliable advice from a specialist who understands your application.  Our team have designed and installed countless systems over the past decade, and we specialize in upgrading existing systems to accommodate changes in your company’s requirements.

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