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Ensure your business’s safety first with our dependable fire fighting equipment. We offer customized fire safety solutions to ensure compliance and protect what matters most. Trust our expertise for peace of mind and better security.

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Our fire extinguishers come in different types. Select the appropriate fire extinguisher that fits your needs best.

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Ensure your essential firefighting equipment is where you need it, when you want it. Our smart cabinets, stands, and covers will safeguard your equipment and keep it where it belongs.

photo of fire extinguisher misuse prevention

Preventing fire extinguisher theft and misuse is important for safety and accessibility, especially where unauthorized access is a concern. 


Fire hydrants and risers are important for providing the fire department with a steady supply of water close to where a fire might happen. In tall buildings, we place risers every few floors so that firefighters can easily connect their hoses.

Fire Hose Reels

Fire Hose Reels, commonly found in high-risk areas, offer superior firefighting capabilities compared to regular fire extinguishers. They are particularly well-suited for use in factories and waste management facilities. 

Supply and Installation

Blazequel offers a wide range of fire fighting equipment designed to tackle different types of fires. Whether you need equipment delivered or installed, our experts at Blazequel can visit your location to assess fire risks and provide advice on the best portable fire safety solutions.

Service and Maintenance

Blazequel can service and maintain various types of portable fire fighting equipment, following all required safety standards. With our special service exchange program, you can easily replace old or non-compliant fire-fighting equipment with new or temporary units. This ensures that your people and property remain protected 24/7, without any hassle.

Fire Training

Blazequel provides practical solutions for individuals and organizations dealing with emergency situations. As a leading provider of fire and safety systems, we understand the importance of emergency response training. Equipping individuals with the knowledge to respond effectively is crucial in reducing the impact of a crisis.

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