Logistics and Warehousing

When you’re running a busy logistics warehouse or a storage facility, you can’t afford to have downtime. False alarms can waste valuable minutes, whilst a fire can have devastating consequences both on your operations and on your customers who rely on you…

When you are in charge of a warehouse containing millions of pounds worth of stock, a busy logistics depot or a third party storage facility you can’t afford to take chances with your fire protection. In these environments, you will often find a diverse range of risks and hazards that make this a specialist application for fire protection.  High level pallet racking creates a serious potential fire load which could swiftly spread, due to a vertical ‘chimney’ effect, whilst the very high level ceilings make detection of a fire difficult due to ‘smoke stratification‘. Smoke stratification occurs when the rising smoke reaches a different temperature in the ceiling void and just flattens out, instead of rising to reach the smoke detection system.

An often overlooked risk in this sector is the plant machinery and forklifts used to move goods around the area.  If a fire starts through an electrical fault, or mechanical failure they can directly imperil the area they are operating in.  Mobile fire suppression should be considered where appropriate for the vehicle type.

At Blazequel we provide one-stop-shop fire protection solutions for all types of applications and risk area, from design and installation through to maintenance and repairs.  We’re proud to work with many of the largest names in Logistics and Warehousing, including GEFCO and Bidvest.  We’d love to work with you as well.

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