AV Dawson Case Study

AV Dawson
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Water Cannon System for Pellet Storage Bund
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This project involved the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a foam enhanced water cannon system for a SIRF pellet storage bund. 

Initially, the area was designed to be an open top bund, which at a later date was converted to a covered building.  The cannon system was therefore required to provide coverage over a large open storage area, in an exposed and windy location. 

We therefore used a pair of cannons with a very high flow rate of 1250GPM (that’s over 4731 litres per minute), which provided a throwing range of over 75 metres in still air.  These cannons were mounted at approximately 12 metres high, providing coverage over the entire bund area – even in blustery conditions.

Later, once a roof was put onto the bund to create an enclosed building, the cannons were relocated inside the building and again commissioned

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