Bensons for Beds Case Study

Bensons for Beds
Case Study Short Description:
Sprinkler Upgrade at Mattress Manufacturing Facility
Client Website:

The client’s existing sprinkler system, installed in the 1980s, faced significant challenges in meeting modern safety and insurance standards. Initial calculations in 2015 revealed shortcomings in achieving the required density of 7.5 mm per minute over 260 m2. Subsequent deterioration, coupled with failed tests on sprinkler heads, prompted an urgent need for system-wide upgrades. The building is a mattress manufacturing factory, so there is a high density of flammable material, and a lot of foams and fibres.

Key Challenges:

  • Legacy Design: The 1980s system was not designed for high hazard protection, leading to inadequate spacing, improper pipework layouts, and outdated technology
  • Failed Testing: A 25-year test in 2015 exposed critical failures in the sprinkler heads, necessitating the replacement of all units.
  • Non-Compliance: The existing system violated LPC Rules incorporating BS EN 12845 standards, with issues such as inadequate sprinkler spacing and excessive pipe velocity.
  • Limitation of System: Aged pipework, a finite resource in the capacity of the pumps and the tank added to the problems.

Proposed Solutions:

  1. Comprehensive Replacement: The proposal involved replacing all sprinkler heads with modern brass Conventional fast response types, meeting contemporary temperature requirements.
  2. Pipework Upgrade: Inadequate pipework would be replaced with black medium tubes finished with red oxide paint and compliant fittings to adhere to current standards. Also, pipework would be added to increase the density in areas of high risk.
  3. Hydraulic Schematics: Detailed 2D drawings based on hydraulic schematics will guide the installation process, ensuring precision and compliance.
  4. Flexible Working Hours: While normal working hours are assumed, the flexibility for out-of-hours works was available.


This detailed proposal addresses the legacy challenges of a 1980s sprinkler system, presenting a comprehensive solution that aligns with contemporary safety and insurance standards. The experienced and certified team is prepared to undertake this vital project, delivering not only compliance but also future-proofing the facility with modernized fire protection measures.

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