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At Blazequel we believe in total fire risk management solutions, covering every area of the industry. This means we can deliver on our commitment to be “the problem solvers of the fire and security industries”- saving you time, money and hassle. Whatever you want, you`re sure to find it on this site, from our all new Fire Log Book through to a new security solution for your premises!

Don’t forget to download our information packs on any of the product areas listed, or call us on 01234 357357 to help us create a solution to your requirements.

Fire Training

This also is a requirement of the Regulatory Reform Order, and is offered by Blazequel at excellent prices. Two levels of training are offered; basic induction for all staff, and Fire Marshal Training for responsible persons.

It is essential to the safety of your staff that all employees are trained how to react to an emergency situation and when to safely use the onsite equipment, and these enjoyable and affordable courses are the ideal way to cater to this requirement.

Having extinguishers is one thing but equally important is the ability to know how and when to safely use them!

Download our Fire Training Brochure

Fire Risk Assessments

Every organization needs to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment in accordance with the Regulatory Reform Order. Blazequel have in house professionals who are able and qualified to carry out this service in detail, but more importantly we view ourselves as being here to help, offering extra advice and guidance. We will provide the relevant information in plain English, rather than overwhelming you with irrelevant detail. If you`d like to see a sample copy of one of our risk assessments then please contact us on 01234 357357 and we`ll be very glad to help.

First Aid Training

We offer a wide range of courses to match your needs, helping you protect yourself and your business, from an appointed person as a first aider, through to a Defibrillator training package

Electrical Equipment Testing

PAT Testing:
Portable Appliance Testing should be carried out on a yearly basis to ensure that all portable electrical equipment is in a safe condition – this essentially is the yearly electrical health check to help prevent electrical faults that could cause problems or even lead to overheating and potentially fires. Regular PAT Testing also serves to provide an accurate asset register.

NIC-IEC (IEE) Fixed Wiring Installation Testing
This should be carried out every 5 years in most industrial and commercial premises, more regularly in more demanding environments and by certified technicians. Full reporting is provided and any remedial requirements highlighted. .

Access Control Systems

At Blazequel we can offer a wide range of access control packages, from the most basic of keypad systems, to large networked systems covering hundreds of different access levels across a huge range of devices - from the traditional keypad to personalised proximity readers. Networked systems can contain almost any kind of device and are controlled from authorised computers, from which access levels can instantly be added or blocked – this gives an added dimension of security to your operations.

Although a totally different system to your Fire Alarm, they are often installed together as to satisfy current safely regulations access control systems must release:

  • On operation of the local emergency door release call point
  • On activation of the fire alarm system
  • In the event of a power failure
At Blazequel we can supply all the necessary equipment and have expertise in designing, installing, upgrading and servicing access control systems, as well as interfacing the alarm system in ensure full compliance with current regulations.

CCTV Systems

A huge range of options are available in these systems, from basic motion sensors (PIR`s) though to complex networked systems, connected to the internet though the digital video recorder – meaning you can access live site camera imagery anywhere in the world! 24hr monitoring and police response can all be integrated into the systems to meet your personal requirements.

In addition to this Blazequel can carry out the on-going maintenance, repairs and also deal with adding extra devices on almost any security or CCTV system on the market. Contact us today for a free quotation and the Blazequel solution to your needs.

Passive Fire Protection

These products work on the principle of stopping the spread of, and reducing the damage caused by fire, therefore preventing further destruction. On contact with an exceptional level of heat these fireproof products will expand and prevent smoke and flame penetrating. These are used in many applications, particularly on fire doors, vents and grilles.

Other options are intumescent partitions, fire barrier curtains and fire proof fillers and cements to seal of any area, preventing the spread of fire. Blazequel can install and maintain all of these products, carrying our repairs or upgrades as required.


Blazequel supply and install a huge range of signage for all applications. From the basic extinguisher ID sign, to high level photo luminescent for warehousing application, you are sure to find the safety sign you need from Blazequel! Stainless Steel and Brass signs are even available for high impact locations. Send us an email today to ask for our complete signage catalogue, or call on 01234 357357 and we`ll be glad to help.

Ancillary Supplies

From stands and cabinets, through to spare parts for your hose reel, Blazequel supplies it all. Our main range of top picks can be found in our downloadable Fire Fighting Equipment Catalogue, but if you can’t find what you`re looking for just give us a ring, or send us an email asking for a catalogue and we`ll be happy to help!

Fire Log Book

The essential aid to compliance…
This new and entirely bespoke log book is another milestone in our company’s commitment to “be the problem solvers of the fire and security industries”. Specifically designed for ease of use, this robust log book covers every commonly encountered area of fire protection, and has been cleverly created to give at least 5 years of record sheet entries, with potential to increase this by moving pages from unused dividers into other areas!

Housed inside a hard wearing ring binder file, all sheets are printed in heavy paper to ensure they don’t tear away, while the gusseted wallet is a convenient place to store all your certificates and site plans. The book is divided into 12 main sections:

1. Site Information And Instructions
2. Fire Alarms
3. Emergency Lighting
4. Fire Extinguishers
5. Fire Drills & Training
6. Sprinkler & Suppression Systems
7. Nurse Call
8. Fire Risk Assessment
9. Fire Officer Visits
10. Electrical Service Reports
11. Fire Fighting Equipment Service Reports
12. Drawings And Certificates

Get the download for more information, or contact us today if you have any personal requirements and we will be happy to do specialist pages for you to make the log book as useful as possible!