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January 2013


Blazequel hit the ground running in 2013 with the launch of the Revolutionary water mist extinguisher - portable suppression!

For many years now water has been acknowledged as one of the most versatile, inexpensive and environmentally friendly ways of fighting fire. However, the safe operation of basic water extinguishers is limited to only a relatively small number of fires, as it can have disastrous consequences when used on fires involving metals, fats and electricity (quite apart from the damage it can do to delicate machinery and equipment).

The use of water mist solves almost all these issues. As a totally revolutionary innovation in portable fire suppression, the patented hand held suppression system is the first of its kind and for many businesses will cover every type of fire risk they are ever likely to come against – but fights fire effectively, leaves little or no damage in its wake, is non-toxic and has the added benefit of operating from a relatively low pressure to give added safety!

In conclusion, water has gained a new lease of life through this new innovation. Its use in the past has been limited by means of deployment which utilise only a small fraction of its fire fighting capability, but the incredible technological advances of the fire fighting industry have now culminated in creating a system so compact that it fits into one robust extinguisher body capable of dealing with almost every common fire in the workplace! Certified by BSI, the LPCB and CE quality marked, the Water Mist stands out from the crowd in every aspect!

Water Mist Extinguisher – Portable Suppression by Blazequel

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