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With Blazequel, disruptive fire protection procedures can be a thing of the past. Using multi task and highly skilled engineers as part of our commitment to streamline this potentially troublesome and time consuming procedure, we carry out our work to the highest of standards, ensuring we help you to remain compliant at the best prices and highest convenience to yourself.

Many of our customers have benefited by coming to Blazequel and witnessing first-hand the time and energy invested in their company to create an innovative solution to their needs.

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For many years now water has been acknowledged as one of the most versatile, inexpensive and environmentally friendly ways of fighting fire. However the safe operation of basic water extinguishers is limited to only a relatively small number of fires, as it can have disastrous consequences when used on fires involving metals, fats and electricity (quite apart from the damage it can do to delicate machinery and equipment).

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