Fire Fighting

The Regulatory Reform Order for Fire Protection covers all ranges of applications, and states that all premises must have appropriate fire-fighting equipment. This puts a fresh complexion on fire safety, as it lays the onus directly on the responsible person in each organization, through the implementation of a Fire Risk Assessment.

As well as being able to conduct the initial Fire Risk Assessment we are also qualified to carry out regular maintenance on all of your fire and security systems.

Fire Extinguishers

The most commonly used and recognized form of portable fire protection, these are essential for every business to ensure compliance with current legislation. The basic service must be carried out on at least a 12 monthly basis.

All Blazequel extinguishers are of the highest quality and come with a 5 year guarantee. Please ask for further details on our extensive range, including all specialist extinguishers. These are also available in polished steel for an improved aesthetic appeal, for use in high impact locations.

NEW – The Water Mist Range…

The most versatile fire extinguisher ever has just been launched, in a move anticipated to make its mark on the industry! Available in 1, 3 and 6lt sizes it packs well above its punch when fighting almost any fire, and has proven its efficiency in tests by the LPCB, FIA and BSI.

The water mist can fight almost every fire that most people will ever encounter, from electrical equipment, right through to the notoriously dangerous chip pan fires – Water Mist does it all! The secret lies behind patented technology that emits the water as a fine mist - enveloping and smothering the fire while also absorbing the heat from the fire - giving a cooling effect to prevent re-combustion.

Within this versatility lies a cost effective solution to your requirements, with an extinguisher that ticks all the boxes, saving you money both now and in the long term… View our downloadable info sheet for more information on this brilliant new product!

Water Mist Extinguisher – Portable Suppression by Blazequel

Hose Reels

Hose reels are located where there is a large area to protect, or in a high risk environment. In such situations they are sometimes required for compliance with fire safety regulations or by insurers. Blazequel can design, install and service systems incorporating hose reels. Annual servicing is statutory to ensure correct operation, and to help prevent a potentially damaging leak.

Wet / Dry Risers

Wet and Dry risers are intended for the use of the Fire Service to provide a readily available means of delivering considerable quantities of water. A Dry riser is a system of valves and pipework that allow the fire brigade to pump water on to the upper floors of a building, and is used in buildings 18m high. A Wet riser is a system of valves and pipework that is kept permanently charged with water, and is used in building 60m above ground level. Wet and Dry risers are at risk of neglect and vandalism. Not only is there great potential for damage if a riser leaks but there are severe penalties should the risers fail to work for the fire service.

Blazequel maintain dry and wet riser systems in accordance with the British Standard BS5306 Part 3 Under this standard, dry and wet risers should be:

  • Visually inspected every 6 months
  • Serviced annually

Fire Hydrants

Large premises usually have privately owned water hydrants installed on site for use by the Fire and Rescue Service in the event of a fire. It is an employer's responsibility to ensure these are properly tested, and maintained by a competent person. For quick and easy location and access in the event of an emergency it is essential that fire hydrants are not blocked from use in any way. Blazequel can test and inspect your water hydrants as part of your annual maintenance program.

Sprinkler Systems

These systems are highly technical engineering installations, but we are conversant in all the regulations and can design, install and service systems to cover all scenarios. The main purpose of a sprinkler is to flood an area with water (usually from an external tank) to extinguish fires in high risk areas such as manufacturing or commercial recycling. Only the sprinkler heads immediately above the affected area activate, greatly reducing the risk of expensive collateral water damage. Please contact us to discuss our solutions to your requirements in this area.

Suppression Systems

Where there are valuable areas to protect we are experienced in the regulations surrounding these systems, and can design, install and service these, including the construction of the air-tight room and the relevant integrity tests. There are a wide variety of mediums available including water mist, FE 36 Gas, FM 200 Gas, Inergen and CO2. These can be used for a number of different applications from protecting delicate and critical electronic servers to a room full of valuable archives.

Water Mist Systems

Water mist works by enveloping the fire with super fine water droplets and breaking the cycle needed for combustion, known as the feedback loop of fire. The mist creates a large surface area of water droplets which absorb heat away from the fire, rapidly cooling and controlling the hazard, while smothering it inside the mist curtain. By discharging water through special nozzles at high pressure, the mist reduces the amount of water used and the damage caused. What's more, the technology is free from environmentally hazardous gases and potentially dangerous compressed gas, making it an excellent option for manned areas.

Water Mist offers the additional benefits of being much smaller and more compact, rarely requiring reservoir tanks, being much cheaper to install and being much more visually attractive.

Contact us today for our solutions in this complex area, or download our information pack above for more details.