Fire Detection

The Regulatory Reform Order for Fire Protection covers all ranges of applications, and states that all premises must have appropriate fire-fighting equipment. This puts a fresh complexion on fire safety, as it lays the onus directly on the responsible person in each organization, through the implementation of a Fire Risk Assessment.

As well as being able to conduct the initial Fire Risk Assessment we are also qualified to carry out regular maintenance on all of your fire and security systems

Fire Alarms Servicing

Blazequel install and maintain a huge range of fire alarms. We specialize in servicing systems that are beyond the reach of so many companies. Gent Honeywell, Gent Vigillon and a vast range of Ziton systems (amongst the most complex on the market) are well within our capacity, and we have proved time and time again price does not need to compromise quality of service or work done.

Fire Alarms – New Hardwired Systems

Fire alarms are a very complex type of installation, and have to be designed and installed bespoke to the clients requirements. The three main headings these systems fall under are D Class, Conventional and Analogue Addressable. The system type is decided largely by the size of the building, and the client’s requirements (i.e. cause and effect programming). Blazequel have in house experts who are always happy to help and give free advice in this field, taking care to explain our solutions clearly and in plain English – without the confusing industry jargon!

Blazequel always install open protocol alarm systems – we keep our customers because they like us, and our service – not because they`re tied to us! In addition to the basic installation stage, we also can link the alarm to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) to give you 24hr monitoring, and interface all your door closing, access control, sprinkler or suppression systems to it!

D Class Fire Alarm Systems

These economical and highly practical systems are ideal for smaller installations where budgets are a premium consideration and the system is not big enough to justify the cost of a multiple zone alarm panel.

Quick and un-disruptive to install, with a test hush function to easily locate the active detector these systems have the added advantage of the sounder and detector being in a single unit, cutting down installation costs and wiring.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional fire alarm systems are normally installed in smaller buildings such as guest houses and office/factory units. In most alarm systems the building is broken up into separate areas, called zones. When activated lights on the panel will flash in the activated zone and the responsible person would be required to search the zone for the fire. Under BS-5839:1 (2002), no person should have to travel more than 60m in a zone to discover the source of a fire, so the size of zone is governed by the environment that the alarm is being designed for.

Blazequel will guide you through the design and consultation stages, answering all your questions and offering recommendations for the best solution at the best price.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarms

Addressable systems are the most complex of alarms, and are the solution for larger installations. The in panel computer - which is programmed to the different detectors and call points- will not only show the zone that the fire is in but the actual detectors(s) and call point(s) that have been activated. This means you can find the source of the fire far more quickly, and deal with it before it becomes an uncontrollable blaze.

Cause and effect mapping can be programmed in to achieve phased evacuation and many other specific requirements, which can be designed and interfaced with the alarm system to activate automatic fire fighting systems, turn off the power supply to specific machinery and much more – the flexibility of addressable fire alarm systems is almost unlimited – contact us today for the complete solution from Blazequel!

New Systems - Radio Linked

These innovative analogue addressable systems are the ideal solution for the retrospect fire alarm installation. In circumstances where intricate wiring would be difficult and time consuming these can be installed quickly and easily, the battery powered detectors and call points being linked to the hardwired main panel.

This makes them perfect for situations such as listed buildings and hotels, where premises disruption and downtime is undesirable. Radio wireless systems are the ideal solution for this market need.

Contact us today to help us design an entirely bespoke solution to your needs. Many companies have experienced the level of service and expertise we can offer and have never looked back.

Fire Alarms - Existing Systems

Many existing systems can be upgraded to meet current legislation as a cheaper option to replacement. As well experienced in the industry we are confident in troubleshooting and repair, as well as periodical servicing. We view our expertise in the fire alarm industry as a key route to being “the problem solvers of the fire and security industries”, servicing and repairing numerous alarm systems that are beyond the technical capacity of many companies. Notable alarm system brands within our expertise are the highly complex Ziton and Gent systems – many of our large clients have found Blazequel as industry leaders in servicing, fault finding and repairing these systems, which has prevented the on-going hassle and downtime so often associated with intermittent faults in fire alarms.

For more information on these services please call us today on 01234 357357 for some free advice.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is required to provide a sufficient level of illumination for persons to see their way to safety in the event of failure of the normal lighting, specifically during the hours of darkness. When the power supply to these units fails the backup batteries must be capable of maintaining the light output for 3 hours.

Wide choices of fittings are available, from basic bulkhead versions to architecturally pleasing alternatives. Non-maintained emergency light fittings only illuminate in the event of a power failure, while maintained emergency light fittings can be switched to illuminate normally and in the event of power failure.

Emergency lighting is required to be tested on an ongoing basis and Blazequel installs simple test key points to facilitate this routine task without disrupting normal operations.

Nurse Call & Disabled Refuge

Over the past few years the options surrounding nurse call systems have hugely increased, now offering bespoke solutions for every area of the health sector, and even being across a wide range of other applications such as prisons and hotels. Blazequel can install and commission devices into a new or existing system for almost any requirement, from a basic toilet call alarm to a fully integrated system for the mental health care sector, with options for staff panic attack fobs and PIR movement sensors. The advanced technology packed into the small and unobtrusive units means that up to 5 different call levels can be transmitted to the main panel, from basic assistance to a full medical emergency calling all available staff.

Disabled refuge alarm systems are designed to provide robust fire resistant audio communication between the Fire Service or any person involved with the rescue operation, and wheelchair-bound persons who may be trapped on upper floor levels in a fire situation.

During an evacuation, wheelchair users can call for assistance from the nearest available outstation. At the main control unit, the person responding can identify the respective outstation location via the LCD readout and communicate with the caller. Disabled refuge alarm systems are normally required to satisfy Building and Disability Discrimination Act regulations in new buildings.

Contact us today for your free assessment and quotation for a fully integrated service package across all your requirements. Our ability to install and service almost every system on the market means that Blazequel is best placed to be your one stop shop for all of your fire protection requirements.

Don’t forget to download our information pack on fire alarm and nurse call systems for more guidance and help in this very complex product area!